Qi Gong Classes

MONDAYS,  from 1:00 pm – 2:00 pm. for Members.

New Classes begin on MONDAY, July 8th- August 19th. Register by July 2nd.

Qi Gong (said “chee gong:), is an ancient Chinese meditation and movement type of exercise. It involves movement,  breathing techniques and meditation. (it is similar to Tai Chi but has more movement techniques). A great workout!

“Qi” mean life force or vital energy and “Gong” is how we cultivate or master that vital energy. So Qi Gong means working with energy to improve health & balance of the mind and body. The 5 elements and acupressure points will also be discussed.  In this class, you can be standing or seated. Please wear comfortable clothing and bring your own water.

Registration is by email or in person. Email: [email protected]. You must be a member of the Centre to take this class. If you are not a member, you can fill out the membership form and pay the membership fees at the first class. Please attend about 15-20 minutes before the start of the first class to do this.

Cost: $35 for 6 weeks. (cash or cheque accepted in advance or on the first day of class).