Christmas Card Wishes

Christmas Cards:

We have a number of members without family or friends and we would like to share some Holiday greetings with them. If you would like to sign a Christmas/Holiday card for these members, please let us know (it will just be your first name). This will be a nice surprise for those members!

Telephone Support over the Holidays

If you are a member and would like to have someone check in on you over the holidays, consider adding yourself to the Telephone Support call list. If you are a member who does not have family or close friends and you would like toenjoy a conversation, we would be happy to help out. Calls are made to members weekly or monthly as a way to provide reassurance and support. If this would help you, please leave your name and number on the voicemail at the Centre and your call will be returned to setup a date and time for your calls.  No fees.

If you need assistance

If you are a member who needs assistance, please leave a confidential message on the Centre’s voicemail.

The number is: 416-231-3431.