Telephone Programs

Introducing a new way to participate in a program at the Centre!. This new, interactive multi-line telephone system allows multiple callers to be on the line together to talk and learn with one another.  It is free and all you need is a phone!  Once you register, you will receive the information as to how to call in/login for the call.  Once you are connected, you will hear a beep, and then you say your name. Once everyone is on the line, the program will begin.

You may register by calling the Centre and leaving your name and phone number or emailing the Centre at: [email protected]

Programs are listed in the Daily Calender.

These programs are free but the Centre accepts any donations towards the programs at the Centre. The Centre is a registered charity. You can make a donation by going to the Donate tab and donate through CanadaHelps. The Centre is then notified of the donation.